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UDX is an innovative biomedicine company focused on early detection of cancer
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About Us

UDX is an innovative biomedicine company focused on
early detection of cancer


Summer 2012

The seed of Universal Diagnostics (UDX) was born at NASA Ames Park, in Mountain View, California, during the summer of 2012. Following SingularityUniversity’s global challenge to impact positively one billion people, two experienced technology entrepreneurs decided to launch together a bio-medicine start-up with the goal of fighting Humanity’s most important enemy: cancer.

On October 2012

The company was officially incorporated in Spain.

The monumental goal of UDX is to develop a test to detect cancer early, when it still can be cured and save millions of lives.

On June 2013

The company closed a seed round of capital from international investors.

During 2013

UDX started a large-scale research metabolomics project for discovering ex-novo biomarkers for different cancers with high incidence and mortality rate in the world.

During 2014

UDX established alliances and collaborations with international universities, biobanks and hospitals to validate the technology in all races and populations.

During 2015

UDX opened its US headquarters in Silicon Valley (JLabs South San Francisco).
MEDy Award Winner to “the Most Disruptive Start-up” at Exponential Medicine, a top healthcare conference by Singularity University (NASA Ames Park).
Launch of clinical studies in multiple international hospitals, development of quality management system to get the regulatory approvals to launch the first product in main global markets: a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and polyps.
Team of 25 people.




Founder and CEO

  • Expert in high-tech entrepreneurship.
  • Founder and CEO of high-tech start-up accelerator.
  • Founding partner of 3 technology start-ups.
  • Industrial Engineer, Escuela Superior de Ingenieros (Seville, Spain) and Ecole Centrale Paris (France).
  • Master in Buisness Administration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).
  • Graduated in NASA-Singularity University.


Founder and CTO

  • Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of GenePlanet (genetic analysis company).
  • Winner of international MIT international genetics competition: iGem.
  • BS and Master in Biotechnology.
  • Graduated in NASA-Singularity University.

UDX has an international team of 25 scientists and tech entrepreneurs and a world-class group of international investors and advisors