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Universal Diagnostics is a biomedicine start-up focused on the development of leading edge technologies in metabolomics, genetics and bioinformatics, with the mission to develop a blood test for early detection.
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UDX is developing a Cancer Platform, a set of minimally-invasive, blood-based solutions for detecting cancer early when treatment-options are more plentiful. The Cancer Platform assays rely on a curated set of methylation marker panels; a simple blood sample collected as part of a routine check-up.

UDX first product under development is a CRC Screening Assay: a simple, minimally invasive and inexpensive blood-based screening test designed to detect early stage colorectal cancer. The assay identifies those individuals who need to be referred for colonoscopy.

The Technology

Combining biotechnology and big data.



Epigenetic modifications, such as DNA methylation, assure the proper regulation of gene expression, controlling which part of the instructions (DNA) contained in a cell will be executed and which ones will be silenced. In cancer cells this mechanism is altered. When cells die their content is released to the bloodstream, including DNA. Measuring the methylation state of circulating DNA fragments specifically derived from cancer cells can give accurate information about the cell status and it can be used as biomarker for cancer screening and monitoring.

UDX has identified a proprietary panel of biomarkers that allows to differentiate cancer and adenoma patients from healthy individuals from a simple blood test.



Machine Learning techniques allow computers to model the world without being explicitly programmed by a previous knowledge, optimizing the process with the information coming from new data sets.

UDX has developed bioinformatics pipeline and algorithms able to decode millions of biological data points, in order to identify the most relevant biomarkers to perform accurate predictions about the health condition of a patient.

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