Universal DX | Why UDX
UDX first test will be a simple, safe, comfortable and convenient blood-based test to detect colorectal cancer in stage I
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Disruptive European Start-up fighting the war to make
cancer a curable disease.

1. A test with a unique value proposition

  • Early detection: CRC detection on early stages.
  • CRC prevention: Adenoma detection prevents CRC before it appears.
  • Higher accuracy: >85% sensitivity and specificity on CRC and advanced adenoma.
  • Non-invasive: Just a blood sample.
  • Inexpensive: Its cost-efficient technological platform makes the test accessible to all.

2. With huge benefits for society & medical practice

  • Increase of CRC detection and survival rates: Through higher compliance and early detection.
  • Increase of screening compliance: Blood sampling preferred to fecal sampling (FIT) and colonoscopy.
  • Reduction of unnecessary colonoscopies performed: Healthy or non-advanced adenoma detected individuals would not require colonoscopy.
  • Convenient test for clinicians, hospitals, screening programs and insurance companies: Accurate, non-invasive, easy to use and inexpensive.

3. Company with solid scientific know-how determined to transform cancer diagnostics

  • Top-tier international team: Experienced scientists and tech entrepreneurs.
  • Prestigious Scientific Advisory Board: Key opinion leaders in the areas of gastroenterology, oncology and diagnostics.
  • World-class network of international alliances: Leading technological and medical institutions.
  • Top group of private investors: Global high tech entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Singularity University “Most disruptive start-up” award winner: At Exponential Medicine, 2015.
  • Innovative technological platform: Method expandable to different types of cancer with high through-put.
  • Addressing a key unmet need: A huge market opportunity.
  • Company highly committed with Quality- See Quality Policy

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