A future where cancer is curable

We are developing blood tests that detect cancer in its earliest stages so we can transform cancer into a disease that’s preventable and curable.

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multi-cancer platform Signal X™

We are pioneering the path to early cancer detection by cracking cancer’s code in the blood. 

For our first test, Signal-C™, we identify the regions associated with colorectal cancer, including pre-cancerous adenomas, allowing us to detect the disease in its earliest stages – in many cases, before it progresses to cancer. 


We read cancer’s signal

Starting from a deep knowledge of the disease, we have built a technological platform able to “read” the signal of cancer in blood.

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multicancer platform


We are developing Signal-X, a multi-cancer platform able to detect various types of high-burden cancers with high sensitivity and tissue-of-origin specificity.

about us

We are a bioinformatics and multi-omics company

We are driven forward by a vision of a future where cancer is curable.

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