A future where cancer is curable

We are developing blood tests that detect cancer in its earliest stages so we can transform cancer into a disease that’s preventable and curable.

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Our approach

We are pioneering the path to early cancer detection by cracking cancer's code in the blood.

Starting from a deep knowledge of the disease, we have built a technological platform able to “read” the signal of cancer in blood.

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Signal C®

A liquid biopsy test able to accurately detect Colorectal Cancer and Advanced Adenomas

We are applying our multi-omics, computational biology and machine learning approach to capture cancer’s signal for high-burden gastrointestinal cancers. Our first blood test, Signal-C®, accurately detect colorectal cancer with a sensitivity of 92% and a specificity of 94%.

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Strategic Collaboration with Quest Diagnostics will accelerate and magnify the impact in our fight against cancer

The simplicity of the Signal-C® blood-based test and its availability through the Quest Diagnostics network, after FDA approval, will allow increased share of the U.S. population to be screened. As a result, colorectal cancer incidence and mortality can be reduced.

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We share our results in the most prestigious and influential Conferences.

Solving the real needs of clinical practice is essential to our development. For this reason, we involve the scientific community through presentations at the most relevant conferences and congresses.

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