We read cancer’s signal

Starting from a deep knowledge of the disease, we have built a technological platform able to “read” the signal of cancer in blood.

What makes our approach unique


We started with cancer 

We began with extensive tissue, buffy coat and plasma WGBS profiling to discover the most informative markers for individual cancer types. 


We use a multi-omics approach

Our multi-omics approach combines Methylomics and Fragmentomics to analyze multiple layers of cancer signal and identify pre-cancer and early-stage cancers with high accuracy.


We developed state-of-the-art Computational Biology tools

Our tools facilitate extraordinarily accurate marker discovery with the most informative DNA regions.


We combine proprietary tools with machine learning algorithms

We combine our proprietary algorithms – AMBER™, which scores cancer signal using read-wise Methylation patterns and CODEdX™, which looks at open chromatin region based for Fragmentation patterns – with machine learning to achieve the highest accuracy in early cancer detection.


Our targeted NGS platform achieves high analytical and clinical sensitivity at scale.

A targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform reads hundreds of marker regions with high accuracy and fits seamlessly into any clinical lab at economic cost.   

Clinical Trials

We are collaborating with leading hospitals, integrated health systems, medical centers and biobanks around the world to conduct studies in order to further develop and validate UDX's blood test for early cancer detection.









We are currently conducting the USOPTIVAL Study, a prospective multi-center observational study of more than 1,200 eligible subjects from the U.S. to evaluate the performance of UDX's cfDNA marker panel for CRC and advanced adenoma detection. More information in

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